Being Fat Caused Me Unhappiness


It is said that you should accept who you are and be content. Unfortunately for me, I don’t think I would accept and contented with my physique. Being obese and weighing more than 200 pounds, I sure have many reasons why I can’t be pleased with myself. One of those reasons was the fact that I became a laughing stock to some people. The second one was the fact that a lot of opportunities was deprived to me. The third one was the health woes related to obesity. Fourth, being obese deprived me of my confidence. And certainly, I have other more reasons.

Feeling glum, I chose to change. It wasn’t easy to shed so much weight. I started dieting but it brought limited results. So I decided to try jogging and light exercises. After several weeks of perseverance and determination I saw the results. Eventually, I lost 30 pounds! It was a huge amount already but I wasn’t satisfied. I should lose more weight. So I hit the gym.

I met a couple of people from the gym; some who were like me and some who prefer to build their muscles. With their guidance, I was able to pull through even though hitting was a difficult challenge for me. Eventually, I saw pleasing results. I finally found myself getting thinner. But unfortunately, I realize being thin was not enough. I realized I want to be a muscular guy. I believed this would help me bring back my confidence as well as surprise the people I know.

So I made a few arrangements. I opted for a diet more suitable for building muscles. Also, I changed my workout to something that would increase my muscle mass. Lastly, I decided to supplement my exercise. Well, a lot of products can be of use but most are untrustworthy. Good thing there’s cyba-labs, which helped me achieve profound and fast muscular growth in a safe manner. With this supplement as well as diligence in exercise and proper diet, I was able to get the form I wanted.

Truly, it is better to be fit than fat. I am really happy with this. And I became much happier whenever people admire the changes that happened to me.